Basic Aquarium Maintenance for Your Healthy Fishes


We know that some fishes are popular to be the pets at home. Some fishes are even considered as special ones with expensive prices and treatments. However, there are some standard treatments needed by every fish if we want to see the fishes energetic enough inside the aquariums. Here are some steps to keep the aquariums clean, comfortable and safe for the fishes that we can follow.

  • You should check the condition of your fishes inside the aquarium every day. When you find something wrong inside such as uncommon behavior of the fishes, respond it quickly. If there is a potential risk to the others, make sure that you quarantine the fish first.
  • Don’t forget to check the temperature of the water. You can ask the professional about the ideal temperature and the tool you need to check it appropriately.
  • It is important to change some of the water every week. The recommended amount of water that you should replace is about 5 – 10% of the total amount of the water inside the aquarium. This effort will guarantee that the water is in fresh condition.
  •  Don’t for get to clean the inner and outer part of the glass. It is also recommended to clean the tools inside such as the filter or fluorescent tube.
  • When you feed the fishes, never take too much food inside because it could make the water become dirty and it is absolutely deadly for the fishes.

Well, those are the basic things you should do to take care of your fishes. By doing those basic things, you fishes will keep in healthy condition and you can enjoy the movements of your fishes for a very long time.

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