Basic Grooming for Your Horse

Grooming horse

Grooming horse well is the key of making the horse looks great with healthy condition. Besides high quality food and nutrition, it is clear that the horse also needs another body treatment to make the body looks beautiful. Here are some basic treatments you can do for your horse.

  • Use fly spray whenever you find flies landing on your horse’s body. You can also use Vaseline to solve the problems of biting flies while grooming.
  • Curry the horse well to make it keep looking good. Besides, you can use baby oil, put in spray bottle, to make the mane and tail look shiny and healthy.
  • For stallion, you can clean its sheath once in six month.
  • If it is not urgent, do not use glove while grooming because you may need to use your sense of touch to inspect the whole body. Besides, using you naked hand to brush the neck so that the horse will find nothing to worry from you.

For special treatments, you may need to call your vet to help you finding the best solutions. Remember, you invest a lot of money buying the horse so that doing careful grooming is absolutely needed to protect your beloved horse from any unwanted things.

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