Basic Things in Training Your Dog

Dog training

For years dogs have taken important parts in human’s life. They are friends, partners and even family members for some people. It is reasonable because dogs belong to smart animal with a lot of potentials and training the dogs is the key of how to raise their potentials.

If you want to be successful in training your dog, there are some important things to remember. Three things below must be the very basic things you should do.

  1. If it is possible, you should train your dog earlier when it is still a puppy. It is clear that the younger the dog is the better it will receive and process new information from you.
  2. Instead of giving general commands, it is much more effective to give the dog specific commands. For example, when you find your dog is playing around the house and you want it to stop playing; the word “sit” is more acceptable than “no” or “don’t”. Besides, it is important to keep using simple words, single word for a command, rather than using long phrases.
  3. Make sure that you are consistent in using the command. If the word “sit” is your preferred command to stop behaving inappropriately, keep using the same command because your dog could be confused if you use other commands such as “stop” or “no”.

When you think that your dog has understood those simple commands, you can continue to the more complicated commands. Just take your time and be patient for maximum results of the training.

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