Common Illnesses Happen to Cats


Understanding some common illnesses or diseases that happen to your lovely cat must be the basic knowledge you have to understand in order to take care of the cat very well. By understanding the wrong things that happen, you will be able to take a move for problem solving you need as soon as possible. Here are some common cat illnesses you should know.

  1. Fleas. It is common that your cat is being landed by cat fleas. Some people may think that this one naturally happens so that they do not need to worry about it. However, it is not that simple because the fleas could really destruct cat’s beauty as well as bring serious irritation to the skin.
  2. Urinary Tract Infection. The clear symptom you can notice for this is when your cat shows that it has problems while peeing. It is when the urine contains of blood in it. When you see your cat is difficult to pee check the urine directly to make sure that you notice the problem soon to take the way to solve it.
  3. Respiratory infection. When you see your cat shows uncommon behavior such as someone who get cold, your cat may have a problem of respiratory infection (the upper one). However, it must be great to know that the cat that stays inside the house may not get high risk of getting this illness.
  4. Vomiting. Vomiting is a problem when your cat eats something poisonous. It can make your cat experiencing dehydration. If the symptom continues to happen, please call your vet to help you.

Well, there are still some cat illnesses you should know other than those four problems. Make sure that you keep in touch with your vet every time your cat shows something wrong.

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