Heat Source for Pet Reptiles


Reptiles are cold-blooded animals that really depend on the heat provided by nature to warm or to regulate the temperature of their bodies. This must be the main concern for anyone who wants to bring a reptile such as snake, lizard or tortoise home as a pet. In this case, paying attention on giving the best source of heat for the pet must be the basic thing to do.

For the heat source, we can set a 100 watt light somewhere near the cage. We can place the light on the fence so that the pet gets enough heat to keep its body warm. The important thing to remember is setting the light outside the cage for safety reason. Besides, we should also have to control the heat especially for extreme situation we may face in summer or winter. In summer, we may not need too much heat while in winter we may need extra heat for the pet.

To make it easier to provide heat source for the pet, we may also need to buy special stuff for pet reptiles. However, the prices offered usually are expensive. In addition, cleaning the cage from any possible moisture and wet is essential to make sure that the temperature will be friendly enough to the reptile. Good luck!

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