Home Decorating with Dog Décor

Animal experts think the wolf were domesticated by man as far back as 400 BC. The dog is by far man’s closest and oldest domestic partner. The wolf provided man with excellent senses and superior tracking abilities. Humans provided their new friends with easy access to, food and shelter. Over the centuries Dogs have been bred to specialize in roles from running, herding cattle and wild animals, partners for the impaired and domestic partners.

As a lifetime dog lover and owner we all know that it takes less than a day to fall in love with a new pet. They become members of the family and our kids best friend. There is no wonder why the dog is man’s best friend. When I use a dog statues to style up my home it is a direct reflection of who I am. I have become found of several types of dog statues over the years and especially like the brand Sandicast by artist Sandra Brue. Around my home you can find several Sandicast dog statues in many different posses and positions. From Fido the daschund with his tail in the error to Mario the bull dog sitting patiently in the corner.

Whether you are after a traditional or modern look your dog statue will make both your indoor and outdoor landscape one to remember. You can update your front door entry with a matched set of dogs which is an idea that can work just about anywhere. Garden decor sculpture and statue features compliment and add pizzazz to your outdoor area.

The member of my home have enjoyed naming all the different dog statues over the years. What’s even nicer these dog breeds are guaranteed to come with no barking or obedience problems. There are huge possibilities around your home and garden for placement of these loveable dogs.

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