Most Popular Pets in the World


Do you have a plan to adopt or to buy a pet? It is a good idea for you to have a pet at home. If you are still confused about what should you adopt or buy, it must be great to check the information about most popular pets in the world as your reference before you make a decision. Here are top ten.

  1. Dog. Just like what you may expect, dog is still at the top of the list.
  2. Cat. Cat is also one of the most popular pet in the world other than dog.
  3. Bird. No animal sings as beautiful as birds, right? In some countries, bird is the most popular one at least in latest three years.
  4. Fish. It is always fun to place an aquarium at the corner of certain room at home. Its beautiful body and movements must be the reasons why fish is still popular as pet.
  5. Guinea pig and hamster. Guinea pig and hamster has taken the hearts of pet lovers recently. Hopefully, those little creatures will be always popular.
  6. Rabbit. Known as funny pet, rabbit is a great option to have at home other than dog and cat.
  7. Ferret. It is also a funny pet to have at home even though it is not common for some people.
  8. Turtles and tortoise. These two animals are popular enough recently. In England, around 0.3 million of people have the animals at home as the pets.
  9. Snake. Snake is no longer a scary animal since a lot of people love to have it at home.
  10. Iguana. This lizard has strange appearance like monster. However, this is the most interesting part of iguana to be opted as your pet.

Have you found your favorite? About the list, some countries may have different data about the popular pets.

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