Reward your dog’s best friend at Petplan Vet Awards

We’ve all been there; worrying frantically about the health of our beloved pooch when they start to show signs of illness. Whether they’ve lost their appetite, started to guzzle water at an unprecedented rate or suddenly shun the evening walk they used to wag their tails so boisterously for, it’s a scary time for us owners.

This is where our friendly neighbourhood vets come in. They offer a glimmer of hope in these dark times, taking care of our pets as if they’re their own.

For any dog owner who’s had their faithful friend saved by the efforts of these miracle workers, gratitude barely scratches the surface of how we feel. We want to show our vets just how much their work means to us (and our four-legged friends) … but how?

Petplan Vet Awards

An event designed specifically to reward those who take care of our animal’s general health, the Petplan Vet Awards will be celebrating their 15th year in 2014 and nominations are already flooding in.

Sometimes considered the Oscars of the veterinary world, there are five categories which you can enter your local veterinary surgery or staff member for and last year there were a staggering 11,000 nominations.

The categories are:

  • Practice of the Year
  • Vet of the Year
  • Vet Nurse of the Year
  • Practice Manager of the Year
  • Practice Support Staff of the Year

All nominations are judged by an independent panel made up of leading figures from the industry. Three finalists are selected from each category, attending a prestigious event in April to discover who has won.

To get involved, follow this link to the Petplan Vet Awards webpage and find out more about how to nominate.

Why get involved?

It shouldn’t be difficult to understand why you should get involved with these awards but if you’re looking for motivation then just think of the last time your dog was ill. No doubt you took them to your vets where they received high quality treatment.

Regardless of the outcome, you know the staff did all they could to care for your pet with kindness and compassion.

They say that dogs are man’s best friend and if that is the case then vets are certainly a dog’s best friends. Celebrating them and all their achievements is therefore the perfect way to give back to the animal-loving community; to say thank-you for all they’ve done.

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