Using Rewards while Training Your Dog

Training Your Dog

Training your dog, you absolutely hope that your dog will behave well as the main expectation you have. This is the basic principal of dog training which is to change dog’s behavior to be acceptable to human’s life. However, dog are animals with their basic instinct so that they may find nothing good from what they learn because mostly the training is based on human’s perspective. Therefore, giving something as rewards for any good behavior will give your dog a strong reason to do something you wish.

Rewards are the things that the dog gets after doing something good. In this case, you can choose both tangible rewards such as toys, snacks or something else and utterance you say such as “Good boy!” or “Good dog!” while you stroking the neck smoothly.

The things to remember when you use rewards as the extrinsic motivation are the timing and frequency. Timing means when you should give the rewards. It is recommended to give the rewards directly after your dog does something. For example, when you say “sit!” and your dog does it, you should directly give the reward so that the dog will understand that it will get something good right after it does the command. About the frequency, you should control yourself in giving the rewards. It would be better if you do not give the rewards to often because your dog may keep depending on the rewards nor you give the rewards too rarely because the dog will not learn anything from the effort. Good luck for the dog training!

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