What food to choose for a puppy

Having a pet like having a child. You should always take care of him, play with him, feed him. Your preferences may be different. You might want to find on Kijiji a cat or a dog. But you always should remember particular rules on how to care for your pet, for instance, puppy.

The food for your puppy should be chosen properly. The right dog food is necessary. Your pet’s health depends on the food’s quality he is given. Of course, it’s alluring to buy the cheap food, but it is not the best choice for your puppy. Foods for puppies should combine proteins, fats and carbohydrates. It should be balanced. Consult your vet about your pet’s diet. If you are going to change his diet, do it gradually to decrease the chance of indigestion.

Your puppy is required to be fed properly. Don’t give him big amounts of food. Small amounts are recommended. Feed your pet several times a day. Your puppy’s diet depends on his breed and size. If the pet seems too thin you may increase the amount of food. But before doing it go to see the vet and follow his recommendations. At the age of 3 to 4 weeks puppies should begin eating some solid food. Try to mix three parts food with one part water or milk. It will be easier for the puppy to digest the food. If your puppy is between 6 and 12 weeks, feed him 3 or 4 times a day. If he is 12-20 weeks, feed him 3 times a day. If the age of your puppy is more than 20 weeks, it’s recommended to feed him 2 times daily.

There are special feeding recommendations for small breed dogs. Such small-bred dogs as Chihuahuas, Pomeranians or Yorkshire Terriers are inclined to low blood sugar. They are often required to be fed during the whole day (or every 2-3 hours) until they are 6 months. If they don’t get enough food it may lead to their blood sugar decreasing. And it may cause weakness or even seizures.

Keep away from buffet-style feeding. Regular feeding is necessary it will prevent your dog from getting fat. Limit the time to 20 minutes or so for the puppy to finish his food.

Keep an eye on your puppy eating. It is a good way to estimate the state of your pet’s health. If he refuses eating, pay attention to it. Such behavior may reflect just a simple food preference matter , however, it may also be a medical point. If you see any changes in your puppy’s behavior take him to your vet immediately. Avoid feeding your puppy table scraps. Don’t forget that human food can do your dog harm. Your puppy should be fed food specifically designed for dogs. Sometimes you can give your puppy fresh green beans or roasted chicken breast. Very fat food can cause some problems like pancreatitis.

Remember the following list of foods that can be toxic for your puppy: chocolate, tea, grapes, onions, raisins, alcohol, avocados, garlic, salt.

Fresh water is necessary for your little pet. Your pet should have access to the fresh water at any time.

Dogs are cute, warm and kind. When you adopt a puppy you get a friend a dog.

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