Zebra Finch and the Diet

Zebra Finch

Bird could be one of the most favorite pets in the world. It might even be people’s pet for a very long time. It is reasonable since bird can give the owner wonderful voice when it sings and create such natural atmosphere at home. Are you interested in taking care of bird at home? If so, Zebra Finch could be your option especially for beautiful colors and easy care.

For the diet, Zebra Finch needs seeds as the basic food. You can easily find the products you need to feed the bird. It is important to keep the water clean and fresh everyday to make sure that there is nothing bad happens to your Zebra Finch. To make it easier for the bird to consume the food, you will need sand as the grit that helps them taking the food without teeth.

In addition, it is great to give the bird extra nutrition. In this case, you can give the bird egg shells. Make sure that you sterilize the egg shells from dangerous bacteria such as salmonella by rinsing or taking them in the microwave for about 5 minutes. Put the shell inside the cage and your Zebra Finch will love the shells so much.

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